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Sironix Presents at GC3 Technology Showcase

Grand Rapids, MI, – As part of Green Chemistry & Commerce Council’s (GC3) startup network, Sironix Renewables presented at the GC3 Startup Technology Showcase, hosted by Steelcase. The event was attended by chemical suppliers, R&D experts, corporate sustainability personnel, other startups, and venture investors. The event was hosted to open dialogue on development of green and bio-based chemistry within the startup community.

Sironix Renewables was selected to present based on their innovative bio-based surfactants. Their Oleo-Furan Surfactants (OFS) can be produced using sugar derivatives and plant oils, while outperforming petroleum-based surfactants in hard water. During the GC3 Technology Showcase, large companies presented their needs and challenges as they related to green chemistry, and startup companies, such as Sironix Renewables, presented their innovative technologies and green chemistry solutions. The meeting also provided a valuable opportunity for all members of the green chemistry value chain to collaborate and discuss important issues and unifying challenges. 

"The GC3 Technology Showcase and Innovators Roundtable is an invaluable tool to connect key decision makers and influencers from all types of companies and commit to a common goal of promoting green chemistry in our economy," said Christoph Krumm, CEO of Sironix Renewables.

The Green Chemistry & Commerce Council was formed to maintain a forum for businesses to discuss new evolving technology from the green sector. The Startup Technology Showcase and Networking Event was hosted a day before GC3’s annual innovators roundtable, an event created to allow companies to converse about practical solutions to global issues.

Sironix Renewables was also recently in attendance at the Department of Energy’s Workshop on Performance Advantage Bio-Based Chemicals and the Department of Energy’s Advance Manufacturing Office Technical Resources Forum.

For more information on the Green Chemistry and Commerce Council, visit the GC3 website: